Facebook’s hidden interests are the secret to high performing ads!

Facebook’s detailed targeting tools only allow you to see the same audiences as your competitors

You try to define the audience that will see your ads based on what those people are interested in. This means that only people that are interested in fishing, for example, will receive your ad about fishing apparel.

But in reality, when you try to target your audience based on the interest “fishing”, Facebook will only show you 25 other related interests that you can target. And those interests are also used by all your competitors to define their audience.

By using UpTarget, you can target new audiences based on other hidden interests related to fishing! A better match between your ad and your audience equals a higher performance and higher returns from your campaigns.

Use a detailed targeting expansion to get Facebook’s algorithm working for you

Facebook ranks every campaign based on 3 pillars: The budget invested, the post-click experience, and the relevancy of your ad.

Hypertargeting your audience means you will only show your ads to potential clients in an audience that is still not fatigued from your competitors’ ads.

The better your audience reacts to your ads, the higher Facebook ranks it, meaning it will allocate your Ad in even better areas of the user’s feed.

Hypertargeting your audience is a way of getting the Facebook Algorithm to work in your favor.

Your Facebook interest research is taken to a whole new level by the Suggestion tool

Don’t rely on Facebook’s broad and imprecise interests to define your audience. UpTarget not only allows you to access all existing targetable interests, but our Suggestion tool also brings fresh air to your audiences.

Once you have selected your first interests, the Suggestions tool will automatically generate a whole set of related interests. These new, hypertargeted, and hyper-specific options are insights based on the audience that you have created.

These tips are both a very powerful tool and a creativity boost, and they will allow you to get to know your clients even better.

Made to last. Organization at its finest.

You can work simultaneously on endless projects by creating separated audiences.

Useful for both Marketing Agencies, that must deliver different audience profiles for their clients, and for companies that run different campaigns throughout the year.

Track the performance of all your audiences and keep them organized and updated.

Problems with Facebook ads?

Are Facebook advertising costs increasing?

Costs/impressions seem to skyrocket

Profitability becomes harder to reach

Impression costs increased to a level that many campaigns are drawn into unprofitability despite their conversion rates.

Costs differ according to audience location

If your customers are based in high-income countries, targeting is even more crucial due to the higher price per impression.

Precision has never been more important

The only defense against increasing costs & stronger competition is the creation of a superior ad distribution strategy.

Is advertisement competition getting worse?

The fight for consumer attention is on fire


From 2015-2019, 4 Million new advertisers started using Facebook Ads, making your life as a marketer harder.

Attention span

The average attention time across your target audiences has dropped significantly, from 12 seconds to 8 seconds within 8 years.

Higher expectation

Given the fierce competition, the users have an increasing expectancy towards the relevance of their consumed content.

The complexity of Facebook Ads Manager

Missteps easily lead to negative ROAS

Facebook Ads Manager usability

Across marketers, the Facebook Ads Manager is known for being full of bugs, user-unfriendly, and full of inconsistent workflows.

Facebook’s Algorithm

Facebook ranks ads based on their relevance, budget, and post-click-experience. Inaccurate targeting damages your evaluation.

Facebook’s support

Facebook reduced the number of accessible interests for marketers to cut complexity, which makes precise targeting more difficult.

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