And so we started FutureNext

We believe in data. And we believe in people. We exist to empower all marketers and entrepreneurs out there with the best tools and services so they can level up their content distribution game.  

As simple as that. 

For us, it is very clear that an incredible Marketing Strategy bases itself on a perfect balance between amazing content creation and lazer-sharp targeting.

And during our years of work in different industries, we noticed that many platforms actually make it very complicated to run high targeted campaigns. 

That was becoming more and more annoying. 

So we finally decided to quit our jobs and dive head first in the hypertargeting challenge! And so, the UpTarget was created.

More and more challenges arose for us after that, and now, in the era of Performance Marketing and digital-preset brands, we dream to use Data and Artificial Intelligence to revolutionise what we know about content distribution.

And we would love have you aboard in this thrilling journey.

Be bold.

Your FutureNext Team

Think about it

A brief story about where we stand.

Making sure that Data and Marketing always walk hand in hand .